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7 days of games, videos & fun

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What can you expect?

Learn to make decisions with ease...

…by gaging your Freedom Compass

Fall in LOVE with your LIFE...

…by exploring what it is that matters most to you

Get in the FLOW...

…by being more in the present

Lots of FUN and laughter...

…I love games and making life/work etc. playful – join in on the fun!
“Jenny rocks. Honestly, the session with her has been one of the most profound moments of this year. Tears, laughter, deep connection, seamlessly never ending love, emotional peak experiences. Jenny is a powerful facilitator and it amazed me to see her feeling into the energy of the group, creating games and creating safe spaces. I have never been so vulnerable or gone so deep as with her. I am amazed on how much healing came out of these moments. I returned as a different person and people could feel that. If you have a chance to work with Jenny, don’t miss out.” - Christan Brugger -

What does my Freedom Lifestyle look like?

In this 7-day challenge I’ll help YOU to take the first step towards your own Freedom Lifestyle.

Over the past 5 years I’ve created my own freedom lifestyle by creating the FREEDOM COMPASS. I travel and live in the most amazing countries, I go on adventures and most importantly I am surrounded and supported by a wonderful community of amazing, like-minded people. I make time to learn new things, I do work that feels meaningful and that allows me to co-create with wonderful change-makers in the world. I do life experiments to shake it up now and then. Pretty much I am free to choose how I want to LIVE LIFE.

It hasn’t always been easy. I encountered pitfalls and challenges. I disappointed friends. I disappointed myself. I said Goodbye many many times. I met my inner demons and thought I’d only be able to work through all of this with a lot of pain and suffering.

What I noticed is that this is just another limiting belief we hold dear to our hearts. We give pain purpose. Then we search for a book, course or program that is supposed to help us to solve this pain. We give away a lot of our RESPONSIBILITY for our own life. This is how we are typically brought up.

There is another way. A way that is FUN and filled with joy, ease and freedom. I don’t promise you anything, because the responsibility to create such a life lays in your own hands.


Sign up today for this challenge if you want to take RESPONSIBILITY for your own life and have lots of fun in the process.

This challenge is for you if you:

LOVE to experiment and play
want to be at the helm of your own life again
can commit to about 30 min per day for exercises
want to connect with awesome Freedom Seekers (or better Creators)

I combine scientific research (yeah, I actually wrote my thesis about this stuff + I am a neuroscience / personal development geek), my personal experiences (I’ve made plenty in my journey to bring more Freedom in my life) and the experiences from people all over the world, who have created their own version of the Freedom Lifestyle.

You’ll get games, meditations, the ebook “Freedom Compass” and lots of support from likeminded people.

Are you ready to gage your Freedom Compass and head out on your own journey?

Create your OWN Freedom Lifestyle...

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