Organizing Events & Retreats

I help you create, organize and stage your event – whether it’s a one day workshop or a 9-day destination retreat. Find out more about my services and how I help you make your next retreat a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your clients.

I have worked with Jenny on my biggest project thus far. I was hesitant to getting help from the outside and wanted to do all by myself. Looking back at the past weeks that we have worked together, I couldn’t be more happy with how much Jenny has helped me.

She has played such an important role in making this a successful launch. From her first day on the job she has come up with great ideas on design and how to engage our viewers, she has handled the whole pre-launch Email campaign, has created very engaging and high quality written content for our product and best of all, she goes above and beyond every time I ask for help.

Super quick response times and very reliable! I wouldn’t want to do another project without her – and this time I want her to be on board right from the beginning!

Jan Broders

Non Bla Bla Life Coach

Transformational Events and Retreats

I help you bring your next retreat and event to life. I take over project management while you do what you do best: transform the lives of your clients.

Unique Events

Events and retreats are a wonderful way to make a lasting impact and provide once-in-a-lifetime transformational experiences for your clients. I create unique events and retreats for coaches, communities or other projects with heart – online or in real-life.

Personalized Project Management

You know how you can serve your clients best. I know how I can serve you. I put all my experience in the Tourism and Event Industry PLUS my skills to move ideas, people and projects into your next retreat. Whether it’s a 9-day destination retreat in Bali or an online conference…

Events Come to Life

Transformational Retreats & Events for yoga teachers, life coaches and other life changers.

Retreats & Events

Transformational Retreat

Imagine the lush green jungle of Costa Rica, the sandy beaches in Bali, the beautiful mountains of Mallorca. You and your beloved clients on a transformational inner and out journey in this environment. You get to give your gifts for a whole week. Imagine the transformation that is possible for your clients.

I help you make it happen. Location scouting, arrangement of activities, catering (if needed), etc. On top of that I support you to keep a level head. We’ll be a team and make it happen.

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Unique Events

You want to organize a conference or a festival? Lets do it! Whether online conference or yoga festival. I’ll help you from the idea to the closing ceremony (and beyond). You bring your idea, we’ll create a vision and we’ll bring this vision to life.

Contact me and lets chat about what’s possible!

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