Web Design and Trust Marketing

Jenny enhanced the design of my website. You can feel that she loves what she does and this makes communicating with her on what I was looking to create a joyful experience.

She took the time to understand my needs, had a fast turn around time and was creative in her delivery.

Katie Sing

Intuitive Life Coach & Healer

Beautiful Websites for Soul-preneurs

I help you do your best work by saving you the time and the nerves of putting together a beautiful website that attracts your dream clients. Your website will be your professional business card, communication tool and business hub (and everything else that you need it to be).


I believe that the world needs people like you. The world needs people who care; people who help people live a happy, healthy life; people, who are true to their inner voice; people who help others step into their own authenticity.

Authentic Expression

I see branding as a tool for authentic expression of the gifts you offer to the world. I create authentic branded websites for soul-preneurs – entrepreneurs who do what they do to serve a higher purpose.

Personalized Website

You know how you can serve your clients best. I know how I can serve you. In an in-depth discovery session we determine how your website can spread your message and reach more people. We craft a website that attracts your dream clients. We create a beautiful, authentic platform for you to do the work that matters.

Websites Made with Love

Beautiful websites for yoga teachers, life coaches and other life changers.

What to expect

I’ve been described as a hippie with a scientist brain and a business attitude. What that means for you? I combine creativity and the desire to improve the world with investigative and solution-driven approaches. Your business is unique, your message is unique, your web development process should be unique too! I see every website as an exciting project. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. Only personal co-creation and an end product that you will love.

Get clear on your Message

Your website is just one puzzle piece in the big picture that is your brand, your identity. I believe that a clear brand strategy helps communicate better what you and your business are about. And that makes it easier for your dream clients to find you and for them to commit to working with you.

In my work with different clients/co-creation partners, I noticed that we often lack the perspective of what our core values are, who our dream clients are and what questions or problems we solve for them. Once we get clear on these questions, things begin to flow. And that is a beautiful feeling that I want you to experience too!

Create your Website

Do you need a website and have no idea where to start? Does all the technology overwhelm you? I will take you by the hand and walk you through it. Together we create a website that you fall in love with, that attracts your dream client and spreads your message to a broader audience.

Already know what your business is about? Who your dream client is and what problems you solve for them? You just want to get all that onto a beautiful website and into the cyberspace? Great!

There is more…

Website emergency? Server down? Event coming up and no idea how to promote it? I am your “Go-to Gal” for any tech or marketing that needs to get done ASAP. Me and my team have supported Online Conference launches and helped with Quick Fixes, when WordPress is having a mind of its own. Send us an email for urgent cases.


I have worked with Jenny on my biggest project thus far. I was hesitant to getting help from the outside and wanted to do all by myself. Looking back at the past weeks that we have worked together, I couldn’t be more happy with how much Jenny has helped me.

She has played such an important role in making this a successful launch. From her first day on the job she has come up with great ideas on design and how to engage our viewers, she has handled the whole pre-launch Email campaign, has created very engaging and high quality written content for our product and best of all, she goes above and beyond every time I ask for help.

Super quick response times and very reliable! I wouldn’t want to do another project without her – and this time I want her to be on board right from the beginning!

Jan Broders

Non Bla Bla Life Coach

Quick & Easy Consultation

Brand Consultation

In our time together we’ll get clear on your message. I have worked with many coaches and have learned that clarity on your message and brand and expressing it in an authentic way is what gets you clients. I’ll help you with that in an in-depth Brand Consultation Session.

+ Brand Clarification Session
+ In-depth Interview to clarify you DREAM customer, the core value you provide and how to communicate this so clients say: “I NEED this!”
+ Write-up of the results of the session and your next action steps

Investment: 99 USD / 1.5hrs

Tech Rescue Session

Are you facing an impending WordPress disaster? Is your theme misbehaving? Need help with setting up WordPress on your server or link your domain to the right place? In this Tech Rescue Session I help you figure out your tech stuff, so you can go on doing what you do best: changing your clients lives.

+ In-depth Tech Consultation Session
+ Wordpress Setup
+ Hosting/Domain Setup
+ Wordpress Fixes
+ Training as you need it
+ Easy language (very little tech bla bla)
+ Focus on getting you set up

Investment: 150 USD / 2 hrs

Websites Made with Love

Beautiful websites for yoga teachers, life coaches and other life changers.

Website Packages

Starter Package

+ In-depth Website Starter Session
+ Webdesign Mockups
+ Revision of Mockups (1)
+ WordPress & Theme Installation
+ 4 pages formatted & up to 6 images loaded
+ Blog (up to 3 posts loaded)
+ custom opt-in form & Thank You/download page (MailChimp)
+ Contact form
+ Social media sharing & integration
+ Another round of revisions

Advanced Package

+ In-depth Website Starter Session
+ Webdesign mockups
+ Revision of mockups (1)
+ WordPress & theme installation
+ 2 page layouts
+ 4 pages formatted & up to 6 images loaded
+ Blog (up to 3 posts loaded)
+ custom opt-in form & Thank You/download page (MailChimp)
+ Contact form
+ Social media sharing & integration
+ 3 rounds of revisions
+ Photo Gallery or Slideshow
+ 5 Social media designs
+ up to 5 additional pages

* Payment as follows: 1/3 in advance, 1/3 after design phase, 1/3 after development phase.

Inquire about other packages via email at hello@jennyrieger.com

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